Our magic shows are filled full of fun and excitement, for all the kids and even the adults. We get the kids up to help with the tricks so they become the magicians. The shows also include music and funny effects. We use real rabbits so the kids love it, and the birthday girl or boy we make a star of the show!

The best show we offer is the two hour special entertainment show which includes a kids disco with games, prizes and dances. Then we have the magic show for the kids, which includes tricks balloons and even a real rabbit which all the kids get to stroke and at the end of each show we do all the kids a balloon model each so every one is happy.

We also change our magic shows to suit different occasions such as a scary Halloween magic show with a head chopper and a Christmas magic show and of course our family magic show which we do the most of.


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Mob: 07957606386

Email: derek1983@blueyonder.co.uk